Telecom Audit

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Our telecom audit covers the following areas:

Contract Compliance

Telecommunications services are sometimes purchased from contracts with language that is ambiguous.  Our audit will decipher these terms and ensure that you are receiving the prices as outlined, as well as any discounts and waivers.  We will ensure that every invoice received is tied to a contract for maximum savings.

Tariff Review

Services not purchased via contract are subject to tariffs on file with a state or federal regulatory agency.  We subscribe to online tariff services enabling us to access the most current rates on file.

Frame Relay / MPLS Optimization

The Frame Relay optimization analysis will provide you with a substantial source of cost recommendations such as elimination of duplication in the network and identification of under-utilizations.

Physical Verification

Control your circuits inventory and assets. We ensure that you are only paying for services that are in place.  In most cases we will conduct an on-site investigation of the demarc. There is minimal disruption to your staff – we only need access to the telephone room.  We will provide you with the inventory reports including demarcation information.

Wireless Audit and Optimization

The audit includes a wireless review by analyzing calling plans and features as well as identifying devices with zero usage for 3 months and users that are no longer employed.

Applicability of charges

This includes riding a ring or other higher bandwidth services, waiver of charges in certain instances, promotions available at the time of installation.

Broker Line Validation

We utilize your Turret Usage Reports, as well as conducting “ring-outs” to validate that the lines which are found working are actually being utilized on a regular basis.

Taxes and Surcharges

We include a tax review with the audit; Federal Excise tax, tax exemptions, tax on pre/post discount amounts, property tax issues, FUSF, CAC,


As we review your rates we make sure that you are getting the best possible rate as compared with the industry marketplace.

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